You can win through trust, values and integrity — if you work hard enough

Sometimes I wonder whether all the leadership advice we put out here at SmartBrief is for naught.
By that, I mean, is it true that empathy, and communication, and striving to serve others as a path to success for all, actually wins out over the selfish and brash? Especially if those selfish and brash people already have power, money, or both? Look around the world and you’ll find plenty to discourage you.
Then again, sometimes you come across data — yes, actual data — that suggests hope. Most recently, this was in the form of LRN’s “The HOW Report.” Simply put, LRN’s business is in helping large organizations build a culture of trust, of values and of doing the right thing based on the former — and because doing the right thing is also the right business decision.
The gist of this argument: We’ve collected and examined the data. The best companies pursue excellence, yes, but not without boundaries. Those lacking principles, transparency and trust will be more prone to misconduct that will eventually be felt financially and otherwise.
Buoyed by this report, I recently spoke with Mike Eichenwald about what LRN does in its HOW Report research, why transforming an organization takes years of work, and why a “self-governing organization” is especially important for larger organizations (those with 10,000+ employees).
What kind of organization do we want?
LRN helps create “ethical, values-based companies that do the right …