How to Help Students Apply to College

Don’t isolate the college application process to the space outside the classroom. In-class activities can motivate students to create outstanding college applications. Here are a few tips to help you bring the college application process into the classroom.
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Help Them Choose a Major and School
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Deciding on a career and selecting a school are difficult tasks for every student. Although many students enter college with an “undeclared” major, some use the major to determine which school to attend. If a student has a general idea of his or her interests, he or she can build an appropriate course load upon arrival at college. Here are a few ways you can support them in this journey.
Offer Resources:  Students can narrow down their college and career choices through several college databases offering information on costs, available programs, campus life, and more. Setting aside class time to introduce and walk through these databases is helpful to students, and it enables them to ask you (someone who has attended college) questions.
Go on Tour: Visiting colleges and speaking with admissions professionals can help students gain a greater understanding of what college is about. When students embark on the application process, they may not know which schools to visit. Use college virtual tours to show students what a college looks and feels like. Discuss what they liked or didn’t like about what they saw.
Bring in Reinforcements: Invite professionals from a …