How do founders decide who takes the lead?

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Q. What’s the most important consideration when deciding, among founders, who should take on which leadership role?
1. Play to your strengths
I have been involved in multiple partnerships at the founder level and have learned through experience it is always best to play to your strengths. While one person may have initially come up with the product or model, another may be more suited to lead the company as the CEO. Every role at the founder level is equally important, so assign them with the company’s best interest in mind. — Dustin Cavanaugh, RenewAge
2. Check the record
Everyone becomes more specialized in certain roles, and a secret of successful businesses is an acute self-awareness and mutual understanding concerning who is better equipped to take the lead in particular areas. Most teams naturally fall into place, but if there’s doubt, bring in outside HR expertise to assess the founders’ skills to provide the best leadership combination for a business. — Luigi Wewege, Vivier Group
3. Look at team dynamics
In every team, there are dynamics that should be taken …