How can I overcome my tendency to micromanage?

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Q. What’s the best way to overcome my tendency to micromanage?
1. Delegate
Start with your best candidate and delegate something that you know they will do well. This will give you the confidence to keep delegating. Moreover, be clear on your expectations. Set a goal, timeline, deadline, expected hours and results. — Peter Boyd, PaperStreet Web Design
2. Trust your team
Having employees you trust and who understand your work ethic is crucial to avoid finding yourself micromanaging your team. Make time throughout the week to meet with your team to ensure that you are on the same page. When you feel confident that your team understands the kind of work you expect, you will be able to let them do their work without looking over their shoulder. — Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR
3. Set up periodic audits

I’ve found that it’s easier to let go if I know there’s a process in place to alert me if a task isn’t being handled properly. I ask myself, “If this ball were ever …