Ferrara Candy Company keeps iconic brands fresh to engage consumers

Todd Siwak
This post is sponsored by Ferrara Candy Company.
Ferrara Candy Company has been producing iconic candy products for more than a century. Led by CEO Todd Siwak, the company is working toward doubling sales to $2 billion by 2020 by reaching brand fans in new ways and staying on top of consumer trends to cultivate a wider customer base. The company rolled out Black Forest Organic Gummies to fill an opening in the marketplace for organic non-chocolate confectionery, and is refreshing popular brands such as Trolli and Now and Later with new flavors and marketing efforts targeted at millennials and Generation Z consumers.
Here, Siwak talks with SmartBrief about how the company is keeping iconic favorites fresh and investing in research and development to reach its goals.
Ferrara Candy Company is a century-old company. How are you balancing the old and the new to appeal to today’s consumer?
At Ferrara we combine tradition with innovation to deliver the brands that people love. Our portfolio is comprised of high growth leadership brands, like Trolli, Black Forest, Brach’s and Now and Later, along with strong complementary brands, like Lemonhead and Red Hots. We are revitalizing our iconic brands with offerings to appeal to younger consumers and to support growing preferences like USDA Organic certification. We are focused on investing in industry-leading research and development to perpetuate this growth. We are also updating our infrastructure and facilities. Over the past five years, we injected $165 million into modernizing our facilities …