Ensuring the best outcomes for O&P patients

Mike Sotak
This post is sponsored by PEL LLC.
The health care industry is moving more toward more personalized care, and this is especially true for orthotics and prosthetics. In this post, we hear from Mike Sotak, president and CEO Of PEL LLC, about how practitioners can create a trusting relationship with patients through the products they offer.
Question: Providing orthotic and prosthetic devices for patients is a personalized process. How can practitioners create trust and confidence with patients to ensure the best outcomes for their devices?
Mike Sotak: Each O&P patient is truly unique, and O&P practitioners need to be especially skilled at soliciting feedback on how their proposed solutions are working for patients. The ability to listen and make solution adjustments is a real art. Patient trust and confidence grow when practitioners are able to act on patient feedback to make a good solution even better. We have great empathy and respect for the practitioners, as we know that many potential product combinations are available for delivering the best patient solution.
Q: How can O&P suppliers help practitioners create stronger relationships with patients?
MS: A strong practitioner-patient relationship is founded on the skill of the practitioner to quickly provide a workable solution for the patient. Our role is to have the products they want when they need them. We believe it is important that we win the confidence and trust of practitioners based on a track record of fair pricing and high …