Do you have “still face” managers in your organization?

Do you have “still face” managers in your organization? By “still face” managers I mean supervisors whose lack of emotion makes it difficult for them to connect and to get people fired up. They seem unable to express appropriate emotion when interacting with others. The disconnection the other person experiences can be confusing, discouraging or lead to reaching a wrong conclusion.
As part of the activities of the TCU Center for Connection Culture, I recently spoke to a group in Texas about the importance of connection and Connection Cultures for employees and organizations to thrive. I was making the point that we are “hardwired” from birth to connect; I showed a 2.5-minute video of “still face” research.
“Still face” is the name of a landmark experiment conducted by the developmental psychologist Edward Tronick, director of child development unit and distinguished professor at the University of Massachusetts in Boston The video captures the surprising effect that a mother’s lack of facial expression (hence, “still face”) had on her baby daughter. The baby’s reactions are raw and honest; her brain is not yet developed to where she can hide or mask the reaction she is feeling.
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Sitting in the audience was a CEO who recognized that she had a “still face” manager in her organization. This manager was not performing well, and neither was an employee …