Study Tips Backed By Science

Rather than consuming that tenth cup of coffee or asking your exhausted classmate how they manage to study for their tests, turn to science instead. The post Study Tips Backed By Science appeared first on Edudemic.

Should Students Take Notes on a Computer?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for instructors to include notes regarding laptop and internet use in their course syllabi. Many instructors ban the use of electronics, including laptops, due to the assumption that these machines may be more distracting than helpful

2017 Edutech Quiz Results

The results are in! Edudemic asked you a few questions, wanting to know more about our readers, what they care about, and what they think about some controversial subjects related to educational technology. The post 2017 Edutech Quiz Results appeared

Saving for College: Tech Edition

Just as technological advances have changed the way people interact and shop, they’re changing college savings too. There are a number of new apps, programs, and modern opportunities that students and parents can turn to to make saving for college