4 Ways to Use Social Media as an Online Student

For online students, social media is an opportunity to personalize and enhance their experience, allowing them to interact with classmates, ask each other questions and collaborate on group assignments, experts say.
“Your learning experiences are no longer limited to the physical borders of a college campus,” says Dawn Edmiston, clinical associate professor of marketing at the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary,​ ​who has taught online courses at several different universities. “Literally the world becomes your classroom, and social media is a great channel for exploring that classroom.”
“The world is now engaging on social media,” says Connie Johnson, provost and chief academic officer at Colorado Technical University, which offers online degrees. “The benefit is that we can reach students through a number of different avenues that they are on anyway.”
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Experts say social media can also serve as a way for prospective students to gain knowledge of online programs by asking current students and alumni questions and checking out the latest program updates. Then, to get the most out of their online education experience, students can use​ different social media platforms in these ways.
1. Create a virtual classroom environment: In many online programs, students aren’t meeting each other in person on a regular basis. Therefore, many of them turn to social media to facilitate interaction, experts say. ​And even if an online instructor doesn’t openly encourage social media interaction among ​his or herstudents, …