3 Things High School Teachers Plan To Work On in 2016

The New Year might be a good time for high school teachers to reflect and think about how they’d like to improve professionally.
That’s something educators should never stop doing, one teacher told U.S. News on Twitter.

U.S. News reached out to high school educators to find out what they plan to work on in the New Year​. Their thoughts are below. ​
• Implement​ student-driven learning: Some teachers plan to focus on personalized or student-centered learning in 2016.
“The more and more that I’m around high school students, the more I’m impressed by what they are able to accomplish when we pass them the ball more often or when we allow them to take projects – take ideas – ​in whatever direction they can and let them run with it,” says Jeff Shea, a social studies teacher at Belmont High School in Massachusetts.
“I’m hopeful that in 2016, I’ll be able to do even more of that than I did this year,” says Shea, who was also the 2015 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year.
​Shea wasn’t the only one. The educator on Twitter said she plans to work on student-centered learning too, among other things.

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​• Use technology: ​”The more I use it, the less ‘paperwork’ I have to do, so it’s allowed me to plan more aggressively and thoroughly,”​ said Matt Brannagan, a social studies teacher at Frederick Douglass High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, via email. He plans to continue to work on incorporating technology into …