3 reasons to attend SXSWedu

This post is sponsored by SXSWedu
The New Year brings new programming at SXSWedu, and with it even more reasons to attend the event. Educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and innovators will come together in March to offer some of the most dynamic programming to-date. Still looking for a reason to attend? Here are three!
1) Delve into emerging trends in education
SXSWedu programming does not simply showcase prominent speakers, but shines light on up-and-coming voices and issues that will play a role in the future of education. Discuss topics such as developments in SEL, the relationship between hip hop and school culture, equity in standardized testing, or education policy in the 2016 election, to name a few.
2) Create new connections
SXSWedu offers many opportunities to network in your area of interest. You can participate in the mentor program, in which, as a mentor or mentee, you get to engage in a one-on-one conversation about a shared passion. For those interested in entrepreneurialism, the Industry Hub creates a unique space to join in the conversation at the convergence of education and business. Meet ups and lounges offer even more opportunities to join your community at SXSWedu.
3) Make an impact
It’s no surprise that the ‘Implementation’ track was one of the most popular in this year’s PanelPicker submissions; the SXSWedu community seeks tangible solutions from their conversations at the event, and brings these solutions back to their own work. This community is not only interested in big ideas, it’s interested in outcomes, …