2 things organizations must do to win the war for talent

Is your organization a great place to work?
To know for sure, you’d need information like the percentage of employees that are highly engaged and highly productive, information about the degree to which employees trust their bosses and peers, information about whether employees’ ideas and efforts are consistently validated, and information about how many talented, engaged employees leave your organization every month.
What drives talented people to join your organization or to stay with your organization? Lazlo Bock, senior vice president of Google’s people operations, said in a recent Business Insider interview that pay and perks — like free gourmet meals, services like child care and dry cleaners on campus, etc. — are nice, but they don’t “actually retain people or even attract people.”
Bock continued, “People don’t stay for the money!” Over a third of Google’s first 100 employees still work for the company even after making quite a haul in Google’s initial public offering.
According to Bock, the two reasons that people are attracted to and want to stay with your organization are:
The quality of people they work with
The feeling that the work they do is meaningful.
These match my experience and research. Let’s look at these elements more closely.
A friend is a project manager at a national health care organization. Brad is a talented player who works well with the wide range of internal customers he …