Your sacrifices can lead to increased happiness

It sometimes seems like the high achievers in business are superheroes. They have stellar work records, amazing families, healthy bodies and still have time left for charity work. You’re working hard to get ahead, but can’t seem to fit everything in. How are they doing it?
The answer: They probably aren’t, and you shouldn’t either. Even top executives make sacrifices. Instead, examine your work-life balance using this checklist, and take stock of your priorities.
1. Accept that you can’t have it all
Not everything will fit. Career, family, health and hobbies, just to name a few, all compete for your time and your emotional and physical energy. Whether your priority is to focus on your career or to maximize your time with a young family, it is important to make conscious choices about what you need and what will make you happy.
2. Set your boundaries
Clearly set expectations for yourself and others about where and when you will be fully present with your work, your family, your schoolwork, etc. Whether you plan to be home for every family dinner, work out three mornings a week or answer every e-mail within an hour, be gentle but firm in your intentions.
Set your boundaries to maintain momentum and preserve your energy, and be flexible only when you want to be.
3. Build and nurture your support network
Your colleagues, your partner, your parents. Consider how the people in your personal and professional life empower and enable you to meet …