Weigh 2 Options After a Safety Medical School Acceptance

​If you’ve received a medical school acceptance letter, congratulations! But what if the letter is from one of your lowest-ranked safety schools?
As a result, you are torn between accepting the offer and reapplying to medical school next year. But before you settle on a course of action, consider the following options.
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Option 1: Reapply to Medical School
When should you reapply to medical school?  A late initial application is one of the best reasons. Applying late can easily limit your options, as can applying to too few schools. 
The precise number of programs that you should apply to varies from person to person, but it is generally best to apply to roughly 12 to 15 schools​.
A variant of this scenario is failing to apply to a sufficient number of target schools. If you were rejected by several elite schools and accepted by one or two below your skill level, perhaps the issue is not the number of programs, but instead the distribution of them.
Last, remember that reapplying will not harm your chances next year, but schools will expect to see change. This might mean a new letter of recommendation or an improved MCAT score. Research is also a possibility, as schools are always interested in acquiring those students who promise to push the boundaries of our knowledge further.
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The main reason that students worry about attending specific schools is the school’s residency …