U of Mississippi announces penalties for NCAA violations

The University of Mississippi announced on Friday that it had self-imposed several penalties for 28 violations of National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, including committing academic fraud. 

The university received the NCAA’s notice of allegations in January, and released the notice to the public on Friday, along with a response detailing the sanctions it had decided to place on itself. Hoping to avoid any further punishment by the NCAA, the university highlighted the seriousness of its self-imposed penalties, which include forfeiting 11 football scholarships and an already served postseason ban for its women’s basketball team.

“It is difficult to imagine how the university could have cooperated more fully over the past 44 months,” the university said in its response. “What started as a very effective three‐week investigation of women’s basketball has turned into a process that will span four years before this committee issues its report. The university has admitted violations when they occurred and accepted responsibility for them. The university’s insistence on going the extra mile should be recognized as exemplary cooperation.”

Among the NCAA’s allegations are that the university and its boosters loaned cars to athletes, provided free lodging to players, and gave cash to students and their families. The women’s basketball staff, the association said, sent 320 impermissible text messages and placed 62 impermissible telephone calls to recruits.

The association also alleges that football and women’s basketball coaches committed academic …