PA016: An Interview with Dr. Oliver Dreon

On this episode, we talk with Dr. Oliver Dreon, chair of the Teaching Professor Technology Conference and an associate professor at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. In the first half of our conversation, Dr. Dreon talks about the upcoming conference and what makes this conference different from others. We also talk about how technology is changing how we teach and how students learn.
In the second half of our discussion, Dr. Dreon gives a sneak peek of the preconference workshop he is leading at the conference, Level Up: Including Game Elements in Your Online and Face-to-Face Courses. Neither of us are gamers, but he says this is not just for people who play video games. He discusses the social aspects of playing games and how we can incorporate those aspects into our classes.
During our conversation, we also touched on another topic that’s emerging in higher education: Open Educational Resources (OER). At the conference Dr. Dreon and his colleague, Greg Szczyrbak, are presenting a session titled What’s up with Open Educational Resources (OER)? The 60-minute session will introduce attendees to OER and how they can be used effectively.
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We sure appreciate the time Oliver Dreon spent with us and look forward to seeing him at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Atlanta. For information about the conference, please go to Be sure to also check out …