Obtaining Grants from the V4’sVisegrad Fund

keyboard with key for grantsThe Visegrad Group, named after the historic castle town of Visegrad, Hungary, conceived the Visegrad fund in the year 2000 to encourage four Central European states with European integration. The four states in the V4 are Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. As part of the plan, they conceived the Visegrad Scholarship Program (VSP) in order to aid postgraduates at universities and colleges in any of the four countries. The student scholarships and aimed at those in the pursuit of masters degrees. Five separate scholarship programs comprise the scheme. Money for college is not exclusive to the citizens of the four countries, but open to citizens of 17 nations including Russia, Albania, and Moldavia.

First is the Intra-Visegrad scholarship which is open to citizens of the V4 who look to study in any college or university in any of the countries which is he not a citizen of. It offers EUR 2300 a semester to the student while providing school grants to the receiving institution.

Second is the In-Coming Scholarships program, which is for residents of the 13 other states who wish to study in one of the V4 countries. The education grant is the same value at the Intra-Visegrad’s scholarship’s

Third are Scholarships for the Eastern Partnership, which are restricted to citizens of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Moldavia, and the Ukraine. They are identical t the firs two.

Fourth are Out-Going Scholarships. These student scholarships are for V4 citizens wishing to study at any one of the other 13 states. The education grant is the same as the previous three scholarships.

Fifth are the Visegrad Scholarships at the Open Society Archives. They offer a EUR 2000 scholarship at the Central European University in Budapest. They are open to be competed for by scholars artists and journalists wishing to research a specific list of topics at the Open Society Archives.

Finally one can see that European integration is performed not only from Brussels, but at the local level as well.