Make a Plan to Prioritize Your Scholarship Applications

​By this time of the year, many of you are just a day or so away from submitting your FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which will be critical to determining your college financial need. I have read articles that estimate the amount of Pell Grants that went unused is in the in the $2 billion to $3 billion dollar range. 
Don’t wait – get it done before school starts up again. Remember, the FAFSA is free, so  get started on Jan. 1. In the future, you will actually be able to complete your FAFSA sooner than this, but for 2016, you must wait until the start of the year.
If you have also been searching and reviewing scholarships for which you are eligible, you should have a pretty decent list by now of those for which you not only qualify, but also find compelling or have some level of confidence you can win.
If you have not yet narrowed down the list you generated with all of your search efforts, do it now. Make sure you have a workable list​ of scholarships for which you intend to apply. You should then start prioritizing depending on the size of this list, deadlines of the scholarships and amount of work required for each.
[Follow four steps to narrow your college scholarship search.]
Before you start completing any applications or writing essays, it might be a good idea to categorize them into groups. One group might be “essay scholarships,” for example. 
Once you have …