Learn The Do's, Don'ts of Online Group Work

​Group collaboration is increasingly important in online learning. Professors commonly assign group projects that require intense collaboration with classmates scattered throughout the nation or world, depending upon your major.
Those that have never experienced online group work before, may be wondering how it all works. If you’ve already had the pleasure of participating in an online group project, you may have run into some pretty common challenges and frustrations.
Though every group and assignment is different, there are some best practices that have been proven to aid in the effectiveness of any online collaboration. Make sure you and your group are clear on the do’s and don’ts of online group work to ensure your next project is a success.
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Don’t be afraid to reach out first​: It is important to make an effort when forming your online groups, so introduce yourself. Describe what skills or prior experience you may be able to contribute to the project. Your interpersonal skills will be crucial to successful online collaboration.
Do offer your contact information: Do you prefer to be texted or contacted via messenger? Specify how your group members can best reach you and clue them in to your schedule limitations. Communicating your desire to respond in a timely manner establishes trust, which is vital to a team working remotely. And be sure to mention what time zone you’re in.
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Do assign a project manager: This leadership …