Is email your tool, or are you its?

Over the next few months, Robert Ahdoot, a high-school math teacher and founder of, will be sharing singular, bite-sized morsels of inspired education strategies. These aim to be juicy, yet easily digestible pieces of teaching wisdom. Enjoy.
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BCC: myinnerpeace@
Subject: Some ideas to improve both of us – urgent
Dear email,
I hope it’s OK that I reach out to you about this; it’s been on my mind for a while now. I would do it in person, but well, you know… you’re email.
I’ll say this once, and then we can move forward and figure this out together. I love you. You just need to back off a little.
Sigh. What am I saying? You’re EMAIL. You’re going to do your thing, regardless of what I do. Nevertheless, I’m going to let you know of several high-priority shifts I intend to make within our relationship.
For everyone’s sake, I’m not going to feel obligated to reply to emails I receive late at night. Perhaps it’s a colleague taking care of business within their schedule. Or it’s a parent with a question. Both may email whenever they wish, but I’m mustn’t feel compelled to reply immediately. If it is truly time sensitive, e.g. urgent forms for a next-day field trip or athletic updates …