How to rewire your brain for better business acumen without adding to your schedule

We make countless decisions every day. We probably feel as though we generally make those decisions completely rationally. However, that is most likely not the case. We probably make many decisions each day that are not entirely rational, and that would not yield the optimal business outcomes.
Fortunately, research in neuroscience suggests that we can rewire our brains for better decision making. And, we don’t have to add anything to our schedules to do so.
The hidden cause of poor decisions
Often, the problem with decision making isn’t necessarily that we don’t know what to do. The problem is that we are subject to decision-making biases, called cognitive biases, which cause us to unconsciously make decisions that are less than optimal.
The idea of cognitive biases was introduced by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman in the early 1970s. Their work showed quite clearly that people often make decisions that deviate substantially from what strict rationale would indicate is the correct choice.
Tversky and Kahneman also showed that they could predict quite accurately when people would act irrationally, because the irrational behavior was due to measurable cognitive biases. This work on cognitive biases became the foundation for the field of behavioral economics and resulted in Kahneman winning the Nobel Prize in 2002.
A surprising tool for making better business decisions
One tool that can improve our ability to make more consistently rational decisions is the practice of mindfulness. Although often thought of as a tool for …