How to cook up a best-selling social media strategy

Are your social media marketing strategies producing poor results? Maybe you’re “cooking” and “serving” your content wrong.
Have you always loved visiting restaurants for the best food finds? Are you on the lookout for culinary bestsellers? For foodies, the perfect fusion of the right ingredients in a dish is what appeals to their taste buds and drives them to dine out. Imagine your social media channels as dishes. Are they appealing enough to the tastes of your audience?
While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building your online presence, read on to discover the essential ingredients needed for a best-selling social media strategy.
The content is the key ingredient in your social media marketing recipe. T&S Web Design describes it best as Promotional, Informational and Entertaining (P.I.E.).
Promotional content should include content about your website, company events, products and services, awards, customer reviews and feedback, as well as newsletter subscription invitations.
Informational content should focus on your target audience and be useful and valuable to them. This content may come in the form of blog articles, videos, ebooks, infographics, studies, trivia and news.
Entertaining content is needed to balance and spice things up. Make it memorable with quotes by prominent personalities, jokes, holidays, memes, etc.
The right mixture of this P.I.E. varies depending on your brand, according to T&S Web Design. You might be information-heavy or entertainment-heavy depending on your audience; it’s …