Helping Students Become Better Online Researchers

Your students are probably order viagra sildenafil Internet authorities. When cheapest 100 viagra uk it comes to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, they might know far more than you. All of that time spent tweeting and chatting doesn’t necessarily translate to deep learning though. As students progress through school, online research skills become more important — for good reason.
Both sildenafil and viagra college professors and employers will expect young people to know their way around the academic side of the Internet; a skill that for many students, needs to be taught. In a Pew survey, a majority of teachers said that their students lacked patience and determination when doing difficult research. A majority of teachers also said that their students didn’t know how to use multiple sources to support an argument. We’re about to change that. Read finasteride au on to find some of the best websites for teaching digital literacy.
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For many students, doing research means typing a word or two into a Google search and using information sildenafil jelly manufacturers from the first link that pops up. Students need to know that the quality of their search terms helps determine the quality of the information that they find. If you’re new to strategic searching, or need fresh ideas, we’ve gathered some lessons to get your students’ brains turning.
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You will find lesson plans to teach strategic clomid without a prescription searches to middle school and high …