Follow These January Steps for Scholarship Success

Over the next several months, prospective college students will finally know which schools have accepted their applications and, perhaps more importantly for many, how much financial aid – scholarships, grants, work-study and so forth – they will receive.
When the so-called sticker price on some undergraduate degrees is close to a quarter million dollars just for an undergraduate degree – full cost of attendance is more than $60,000 per year at quite a few schools – it makes sense to consider total costs as one of the key variables in the final decision.
However, there is a way to potentially even the playing field for one of the more pricey schools on your list if it is that important to you. Or maybe you are an accepted student seriously considering only one or two schools and you still ​need money to pay for tuition and all of the other expenses of attending college.
Outside scholarships are the great equalizer here. Since it is January, some deadlines have already passed and many more are coming and going each day, so you need to get moving and prioritize accordingly. Below are some steps for how to do that, in order of importance.
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Step 1: Verify with the financial aid office at all colleges you are seriously considering attending and to which you have been accepted​ that the outside scholarships – those not offered by the college – will supplant loans and not grants or scholarships the school has included in your financial …