Fieldlens: Construction app encourages collaboration, communication

Editor’s note: This is the first of a three-part series on some of the construction technology on display at the October 2015 BIMForum in Orlando, Fla.


“Communication is paramount” on a construction project, says Doug Chambers, CEO of Fieldlens, and he notes that it’s impossible to get any work done if requests for information are still done on fax machines, or if drawings are snail mailed or punch lists wait to be transcribed.
As a mechanical engineer in the field, Chambers became disillusioned, frustrated with the feeling of juggling 100 balls during a project, seeing the same mistakes made and observing the same irritation on the faces of subcontractors, architects and engineers on the job.
So, he waged war and set about making it more efficient and “easier for the guys in the field to do the job and find the information they need.” The result?

Fieldlens features

The genesis of Fieldlens, a mobile application for iOS and Android that “encourages collaboration and communication.” It works from the bottom up, operates a bit like a Twitter feed and creates an audit trail, Chambers explains.
It lets users capture, communicate, track, and report information about a job. By entering notes in the app, taking pictures and videos, organizing them with categories, and attaching them to a conversation, users can make real-time task assignments, notes of deficiencies, safety issues and observations of progress rather than relying on a lackluster memory at the end of a long, bone-jarring day.

Fieldlens’ LiveLayer

It’ …