“Drive before you buy” for hiring success

Would you buy a car without giving it a test drive? Probably not. It’s a big expenditure, and you want something that satisfies your needs and feels good. You want to see how it runs and try it out on the conditions important to you — urban streets, highway, etc. If it’s not a good fit, you avoid making an expensive mistake.
So, if that’s what you do with a $30,000 car purchase, why don’t you do the equivalent with prospective employees who will cost that or much more in just one year of salary and benefits? Here’s how you can boost your recruitment success.
Identify the critical skill sets for the position.
What are the key performance factors for the job? What has differentiated successful people in that role from less successful ones? Make a list and check it out with your team and other people involved in the hiring process. Be sure that you all agree on the type of person you are seeking.
Problems of fit more often arise from issues of style than technical knowledge — the employee’s behavioral style or attitude doesn’t mesh with the team. Fortunately, there are convenient profile tools (for example, DISC is one of them) that employers can use to identify what the job calls for and compare the profiles of candidates with the behavioral styles typically needed for success in the job.
Credit: Pixabay
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