Don’t fall in love, it’s bad for business

I could feel it; my hands were sweaty, my heart rate elevated. I was nervous and excited in the same breath. This could be the one, something very special, even life-changing. I had fallen deeply, madly and truly in love.
I could hardly contain myself, I just had to share the news. I assembled everyone that mattered around the table. “Gang,” I said. “I figured it out, I know what we need to do,” and then I shared my great idea. I sat back, prepared to receive the praise and adulation. I even anticipated some mild euphoria when the full potential was recognized. But, the response was much different. What I heard was “That won’t work,” and “We can’t do that!” I was devastated, demoralized and frankly, pissed.
We have a tendency to fall in love with our own ideas. We give birth to them, nurture them, and then set them upon a pedestal. They become sacred and certainly above reproach. We attach our identity to them, and any criticism becomes a direct attack on us, and that is bad for business. We should not treat ideas as if they are our kids and try to pave the path for them to enter the world unscathed. Rather, we should view ourselves as scientists, maybe even mad scientists. We should develop our hypothesis and then place it under the glare of the microscope to be torn apart, criticized and …