Decide if Your October LSAT Score Is Too Low

​By now, all applicants who took the October LSAT should have received their scores. Inevitably, some applicants who receive their LSAT scores and who are planning on applying this cycle will consider retaking the test in December.
This week, I’ll address the questions of whether to retake the LSAT and how to prepare for the December test if you do decide to retake, with a focus on advice for those applying during this admissions cycle.
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1. Should I retake the LSAT in December? Most people who take the October LSAT plan on using that score to apply to law schools during that admissions cycle, that is, for admission the following August or September. A common question surrounding the October LSAT, therefore, is whether the advantage of applying early in the admissions cycle outweighs a possible LSAT score increase in December.
The answer to that question is simply that even a three-point score increase will make up for the delay in submitting your applications. If you believe that you can increase your score by even a few points, you should strongly consider retaking the test in December.
The question then becomes whether one can realistically expect to improve at least three points on the December exam.
Those who scored more than three or four points lower on the actual exam than they did on the most recent practice tests they took should plan on retaking the test in December. In this situation, the October test …