5 People You Haven't Asked About College Scholarships

​Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of information when you research scholarships? It’s daunting to search for money for school, but remember that you’re never alone in the process.
You’ve probably already turned to your parents for help, and while that’s a great first step, you might be forgetting there’s a much wider network of people you know who can help you find scholarships to pay for college.
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1. Your guidance counselor: Your counselor isn’t just there to help you decide which classes to take and which schools might be a good fit. He or she is also there to act as a resource who can help you figure out how to pay for school.
Ask if your high school offers any scholarships for graduating seniors or if your counselor knows of any university-specific awards you may qualify for. You may learn of some scholarships you never knew existed.
2. Your boss: If you’re one of the millions of high schoolers who works a part-time job, you’re in luck. Your manager is a great person to ask about scholarships for college. Some companies grant part-time workers money to help them further their education, which can help you put a dent in your tuition bill. But don’t stop there. Your boss may be able to give you the scoop on some scholarships he or she qualified for in college, especially if you’re attending your manager’s alma mater.
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