5 New Year To-Do's for Prospective International Student Applicants

​As another year begins, many prospective international students are setting their goals. For those applying to colleges, this year is a milestone, so you need to focus your time and energy on maximizing the quality of your applications. These are a few tips that can help you better prepare for a challenging time.
[Avoid these admissions mistakes international students make.]
1. Organize your documents: Transcript, letters of recommendation, SAT score reports, finance documents – every single item that is necessary for the college application process should be prepared.​ My friends and I made 20 copies of each piece of paperwork to ensure that we had enough to apply to a number of colleges.
Getting everything organized at the beginning of the year saves you time and energy. For instance, I had not paid attention to my financial statements until I began applying. This put another burden on me during the application season, as I had to call home every day to rush my parents to send in those documents.
2. Read self-help books: You can choose to read anything that can help you improve your social, conversational or leadership skills. While reading these are not necessary and those skills can be mastered once you enter the college environment, it is still a good idea to learn from other people’s mistakes and shortcuts to emotional and mental fulfillment.
Books such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” can give you some tips on making friends easily by changing your communication style, and others such …