5 Application Tips for International College Transfer Students

International students may apply to U.S. universities either as first-year students, or as a transfer students.
International students looking to transfer are normally attending university in their home countries and are beginning to consider studying in the U.S.. Others may have gone to U.S. community colleges and now wish to continue onto a four-year degree. One of the many reasons international students often pursue the transfer option is that their academic interests have developed and they seek to fulfill a higher academic ambition. 
When I discovered a passion for international affairs while at my community college, I applied to transfer to Tufts University to continue my undergraduate education. 
In general, transfer applications will have the same requirements for all applicants, domestic and international. Unlike a freshman application or a transfer application from a domestic student, international transfer students face the challenge of demonstrating that they have thought about academic interests beyond the offerings in their country, and show a level of language proficiency and inner maturity that prove them capable of handling rigorous course work.
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The secret of putting together a great international transfer application is to give it your own voice.
1. Main essay: Since you know your academic ambitions, portray confidence explaining why you wish to study a particular field. Try not to use this space to praise the experience of studying at an American university in general. You want to focus on your own reasons …