4 Common Challenges of the U.S. College Application Process

Being an international student and applying to U.S. colleges for the first time can be a challenging experience. People you have never met will read your application, and they will evaluate you not just on your academic record, but on your interests and professionalism.
There are steps in the admission process that I wish I could have done better when I was a high school senior. The following are a few challenges that many international students face during the college application process. 
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1. Paying application expenses: Most U.S. colleges require students to pay more than $50 just to apply. This is understandable, as admissions counselors spend a lot of time reading applications.
However, for students under financial pressure – who need a lot of financial aid – planning ​to apply to multiple schools, the money can be a real challenge. U.S. colleges understand this. Therefore, some offer what’s called a fee waiver for students who are not able to afford application expenses.
With that in mind, there is no need to cross a school with a high application fee off your list. You can apply for a fee waiver and​ may be able to avoid payment.
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2. Writing supplemental essays: A lot of colleges, such as the University of Chicago, require students to write supplemental essays​ to show their interest and demonstrate the characteristics that make them stand out. While these essays may …