3 ways to rebuild trust

Building trust is a foundational skill of successful leadership. Wherever you see lack of initiative, low morale, or no engagement, ask yourself if the root problem is really a lack of trust or a lack of leadership integrity. Here are three ways to shore up your integrity to start rebuilding trust.
Credit: Pixabay
1. Make amends
To make amends you must walk that razor’s edge of owning your own weaknesses while showing that you have the will and strength required to course-correct. Where might you need to make amends? Examples include failing to keep others updated, losing your cool, avoiding difficult conversations, or ignoring suggestions.
What’s required: Making amends requires you to self-examine and tell yourself the truth. Making amends is not only about admitting a mistake, but about course-correcting and making things right. Once you can see clearly, you must have the courage to take responsibility for the success of your workplace, department or team. Strategize on your method for apology and what systems or habits need to be in place to avoid repeating the same mistake.
2. Keep promises
Failing to keep promises is not something a leader does on purpose, but occurs because of unconscious communication. For example, “Great idea, I’ll get back with you next week,” is a promise. “Let’s do lunch” can be perceived as a promise. “I’ll let you know,” is yet another vague promise with no system of accountability.