3 Free Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have never been more accessible for teachers and students. Of course, the technology isn’t perfect yet, and the content offerings can be hit or miss. But, considering how many students carry smartphones, and with cardboard-style VR viewers starting at about $15, it’s easier than ever to give kids immersive VR and AR experiences in class.
In education, it’s easy to think of VR as more of a tool for training (think flight simulators), but the real learning potential lies more in its ability foster empathy in students. Walking in someone else’s shoes has always been a valuable exercise, even if it’s a bit abstract for kids. VR has the potential to bridge this gap in ways it’s hard to do otherwise. Even with a cardboard viewer and a set of earbuds, the level of immersion is significant.
Where VR brings the world into our classrooms, I think of AR as extending elements of our classrooms outward. Like a lens, or filter of sorts, AR apps can add layers of context and depth where typical classroom materials might run short. Using either of these technologies — VR or AR — at just the right teachable moment can create a powerful, even moving, experience for students. Here are three free apps to get you started:

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