10 questions to help create better engagement with your leadership team

“How much time does your team invest in becoming better leaders — together?” That’s a question Bob Anderson likes to ask when he consults with senior leadership teams. Anderson is chief development officer of The Leadership Circle; his clients are leaders in global firms across all major business sectors.
Anderson’s inquiry highlights a blind spot common with many leadership teams. When asked, leaders at all levels of an organization say that developing “leadership effectiveness” is a given. Yet when Anderson asks what he calls “L1” leaders — those in the senior most ranks of organizations — how much time they work on their own collective leadership effectiveness as a team, he gets sheepish looks or blank stares.
Yet this question, if addressed, would help many leadership teams gain a competitive edge. Leadership effectiveness is more than the sum of really great leaders working individually. “Collective leadership effectiveness drives business performance,” Anderson and his co-author Bill Adams write in “Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results.” It’s a twist on the quest for engagement so prevalent in today’s workplaces: those leading an organization must engage with their peers every bit much as the employees they lead. “Leadership teams must work deliberately and unflaggingly on the quality of their own engagement,” explain Anderson and Adams.
How “engaged” is your leadership team with each other? Here are 10 questions to help you think about how well you and your management team are working on your “work” together.
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